A Promise Kept .. 10132013 Sunday School Lesson

Sarai/Sarah . Issac – promise . Haran . Hagar . Ishmael . Pray for all that we may lead a peaceable life . Pray for Christian Arabs . Canaan . Abraham . Kirjath-arba . Heth . Genesis/Bereshith . Isaiah 51 . Sunday School Lesson

The Sunday School Lesson is shared from Genesis 17:15-17; 18:9-15; 21:1-7 (Devotional Reading: Isaiah 51:1-6; Background Scripture: Genesis 17:15-17; 18:9-15; 21:1-7). In order to gain a good understanding of this lesson, you will need to read/study the Daily Home Bible Readings that go with this lesson at the end of this article. … My study came from two different KJV Bibles (one of them from around 1915).

Sarah (princess)

Issac, promise child

Haran, town of Padan-aram (field of Aram), country of Mesopotamia. Aram, country northeast of Palestine(Then)/Holy Land(Now), usually called Syria.

Hagar (flight), mother of Ishmael

Ishmael (God hears), son of Abraham

Kirjath-arba (city of Baal)

Heth, father of Hittities (early dwellers in Asia Minor (Turkey), Syria & parts of Palestine(Then)/Holy Land(Now).

Genesis 17:15-17 … Circumcision instituted. Issac with a numerous issue is promised. Sarai her name is changed, & she is blessed. Issac is promised.

Genesis 18:9-15 … Sarah reproved. Sarah is reproved for laughing at the strange promise.

Genesis 21:1-7 … Issac is born. He is circumcision. Sarah’s joy.

Isaiah 51:1-6 … The righteous exhorted, after the pattern of Abraham, to trust in Christ: certainity of his salvation.

Genesis 18:9-15

Verse 9 … Industrial Employments & Products; Human Abodes; Tents, Used by Abraham & the Hebrews.

Verses 10,14 … Miracles; Miracles Considered; Miracles Foretold.

Verses 11,12,13,15 … The Family; Parents & Children; Barreness, Miraculously Removed

(Genesis 17:115-17; 18; John 1:18; Genesis 18:2; 12; 15; 17; Habakkuk 2:3 … Reference in Sunday School Book)

Verses 21:1-7

Verses 1,2,5,6,7 … Miracles; Supernatural Bodily Gifts & Deprivations; Gift or Denial of Children

Verse 3 … The Family; Parents & Children; Naming at Birth

Verse 4 … Sacred Rites Sacraments, Worship, & Church-Fellowship; Circumcision, Applied by Abraham

(Genesis 21; 17:12; 17:17; 18:16-20; 18:19; 17:9-14; 17:12-13)

Monday – October 7, 2013 – A Childless Wife – Genesis 11:27-32

The generations of Shem & of Terah. Terah goeth from Ur to Haran.

Tuesday – October 8, 2013 – A Beautiful Wife – Genesis 12:10-20

Canaan promised.

Wednesday – October 9, 2013 – A Threatened Wife – Genesis 16:1-6

Sarai, being barren, giveth Hagar to Abram. Hagar fleeth from her mistress.

Thursday – October 10, 2013 – The Promise of a Covenant – Genesis 17:18-22

Issac is promised.

Friday – October 11, 2013 – Dispelling the Competition – Genesis 21:8-14

Sarah’s joy. Hagar & Ishmael are cast forth.

Saturday – October 12, 2013 – Mourning a Beloved Wife – Genesis 23:1-6

The age & death of Sarah. The purchase of Machpelah.

Sunday – October 13, 2013 – Bearing a Child of Promise – Genesis 17:15-17; 18:9-15; 21:1-7

Scripture reference used/taken from: KJV Topical Edition Bible & The International Teacher’s Handy Bible Encyclopedia/Concordance KJV Precious Promise Bible

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Child Custody Advice For Fathers

Fathers involved in child custody cases can face a much tougher road to winning their case. Even though the court system has become more balanced in their custody appointments between men and women, there is still an inherent prejudice that fathers often face.

Mothers tend to appeal more to the court for three basic reasons. The first one is the societal influences that say a child receives better care with their mother. Secondly, the court tends to view both the mother and child as dependants, while the father is seen as an independent. Finally, motherhood in itself is deemed a natural instinct and occurrence, while fatherhood is more participatory. While all of these court influences are debatable at best, the fact that they have been ingrained in the roots of our culture makes them very prominent.

For a father to succeed in winning child custody, his approach must concentrate on proving that his guardianship is the best option for the childs growth and development. While a mother may be able to win a close case based solely on the influences discussed earlier, the father typically has to provide more substantial evidence. For this reason, it is important for dad to build an indisputable appeal with documentation.

There are several items that a male custody candidate should be tracking throughout the custody process. The most important is the amount of quality time spent with their children. By keeping an accurate log of the dates, times, and activities, the father will have be able to prove his involvement in the childs daily life. In cases where the mother makes visitation difficult or impossible, it should be noted how many times the father was denied visitation. Participation and intent are keys to the courts decision, and it is essential for dad to demonstrate his desire to be involved with the childs life.

Tracking financial participation is also a good way to demonstrate how much input the father has in the daily routine of the child. This includes costs associated with food, clothing, medical care, and extracurricular activities. Even if the father makes payments directly to the mother instead of buying the needed items, it can still be tracked as an expense. Having an accurate log of financial cost expenditures will not only help provide evidence, but the information can also be used in child support hearings.

The final type of evidence that fathers should collect is any observations of suspicious behavior from the mother. This can include drug and alcohol abuse, adulterous behavior, work performance, and influencing of the child through bribery and slander. All of these behavior patterns could drastically change the outcome of a child custody case, but the court will not accept any accusations without documented proof. In some cases, this may require the hiring of child investigator to secure indisputable evidence.

Fathers typically have to prove their worth as a custody candidate in a more convincing fashion then mothers. This makes it important for dad to keep accurate records of both his involvement with the child as well as the activities of the mother. Fathers need to be able to show that their parenting influence and living situation provides a distinct advantage for the positive growth and development of the child.

Beyond The Influence That It Has On Individual Lives, The Dna Test Is Reshaping The Way Society Per

At the moment, like any breakthrough, a paternity test feels sensational and challenging: yet, as the techniques advance, obtain their own safeguards and checks, and become more commonplace, DNA tests will feel natural and safe. They are already being used to identify fathers, check on the genetic potential of children and being integrated into the standard procedure of healthcare professionals. Once upon a time, this sort of comprehensive analysis was the domain of fantasy.

Paternity testing is obviously a controversial issue. It removes issues of parenthood from the traditional, and clumsy, way of determining fatherhood, and offers scientific evidence in contested situations. While it is important that the paternity test is made by a responsible and accredited body, the ease of purchase- thanks to the internet and over the counter availability, puts it within the reach of most people.

On another level, the arrival of the paternity test sees a radical advance in scientific research reaching the popular consciousness. The investigation into DNA was part of a comprehensive project to understand the nature of the human condition. In the past, this had been a matter of abstract and complex philosophy. As science became more powerful, it began to introduce hard evidence in place of the convoluted argument.

The paternity test is, then, an example of the impact of what appears to be sciences abstract research, given a practical purpose and informing modern life. A paternity test is not an end in itself- indeed, the courts and legal system are still exploring ways to acknowledge this important advance. Beyond the influence that it has on individual lives, the DNA test is reshaping the way society perceives itself, offering new, and evidence based, ways of developing laws and communities. It can confirm relationships, destroy doubt and shine light into the hitherto hidden areas of existence.

Beauty Enhances With Fragrance Of Perfumes

Perfumes have always been considered an expansion to overall personality of individual and today the market is teeming with a wide array of perfumes for women and men. Cosmetics and other products have ruled since ages and consequently Perfumes have become a vital part of our lives.

Types of Perfumes:
In the present market there are unlimited types of Men perfumes and women perfumes. There is tough competition between various types of perfumes. Classification on the basis of percentage of concentration by volume of perfumed oil. The costliest form of fragrance is perfume, then Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette and last Eau de Cologne. Perfumes have been used as a fashion accessory, a mood booster and its valuable efficacy dates back to the twentieth century. To a large extent mostly all modern perfumes and colognes are prepared using the fragrance oils.

Perfume for Men:
Modern men wear perfumes as an indication of their style and passion. Perfumes for men speak about the attitude and defines a fashion statement for him. There are so many best perfumes online and the market is also flooded with a variety of cologne man perfumes. People prefer putting on perfumes regularly and especially for special occasions like parties or marriages. Perfumes for men are available in variety of concentration and types. Usually the perfumes for men are stronger than women perfumes. Perfumes on a well-dressed man, with a tinge of glamor can add wonder to his appearance. Perfumes for Men can be considered as one of the most important accessories for men. When it comes to creating long lasting impression on women, the first thing men choose is class fragrances.

Perfume for Women:
Wearing a scent for women demonstrates that she is doing something special and sensual. In that way women perfumes fragrance can enhance feelings and emotions. Women perfumes are generally sweet, light, and the scent lasts very long. Some ladies are really found of something that smells like citrus or vanilla and these scents are pleasing to men. Women perfumes and perfumes for men if matched with wonderful buying experience will be an icing on the cake as they need to be selected carefully. Women perfumes add up glamor and style to their personality. Best perfume online for Women are Christian Dior, and Calvin Klein etc. The online sites offer a wide array of women perfumes, colognes, body spray for women, etc. Select the perfume of your choice and buy best perfume online.

Learning Beauty Tips Is Easy Should You Follow The Tips Below

Regardless of skill or knowledge, you can become enthusiastic about beauty. Ignore much of the things you hear online or see on tv. There is actually to being beautiful than being precise. The subsequent article will provide many strategies to help you in your journey to some more beautiful you.

It is possible to highlight your eyes to make them look bigger by using dark mascara. Use disposable mascara wands for eliminating clumps and additional mascara from the outer edges from the eyes.

Apply Vaseline in your eyebrows before bed. Each day, your eyebrows will probably be shinier and smoother. Just be sure you don’t spread the Vaseline of the epidermis around your eyebrows, simply because this can encourage breakouts.

Sometimes our beauty is interrupted from a skin blemish say for example a pimple. You are able to quickly get rid of it by putting toothpaste upon it. Let it sit on for about ten minutes. This ought to drastically reduce the appearance of the pimple.

Using eye shadow and liner are good ways to help your vision look vibrant and standout, however when your eyes are bloodshot and unhealthy looking, your time and energy will likely be useless. Stow away eye drops in whatever bag you will be carrying. You will certainly be thankful to possess them when your vision scream for respite from staring at a pc screen or perhaps a day in the blinding sun.

The most important improvements that you can do to your skin start from inside your body. Drink the right amount of water your body needs every day. Water hydrates skin and naturally removes toxins out of your body, which action serves to increase the clarity and attractiveness of your respective complexion.

Anytime you use shimmer, it’s crucial that you lightly put it to use and only apply it in the locations where light will almost certainly hit it. Putting it in which the light will hit it creates a good glow effect. Any time you use highlighter, apply it to the bigger parts of your facial skin, together with your brows, nose, and cheekbones. After that, work with a single layer of powder to set it.

Don’t fall under the trap of defining beauty based upon what you see inside the media. Decide what beauty ways to you. Keep to the tips presented here to create the the best in your organic beauty according to your own personal definition.

Why choose a Montessori school for children

A Montessori school employs a different approach to education, creativity and development than more traditional childcare, pre-school and kindergarten centers. The Montessori school method believes that children have an intrinsic ability to direct their development and that children should be seen as individuals, with preferences and gifts that should be emphasized in learning and communication. Parents should choose a Montessori school for their children because of the emphasis on self-directed learning, the multi-age grouping environment, the dedication to individual growth and the schools ability to promote learning that will prepare children to attend a secondary education school.

Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and education professional, founded the Montessori method in the early 1900s through her observation of children with disabilities. She applied the findings of her research to study children without disabilities and created training programs for others to apply her methods. Today there are many Montessori schools that follow the basic principles determined by Montessori. Choosing a Montessori school that will encourage and support a child through their developing years is an important decision for any parent, and they should fully understand the principles and types of instruction that will be employed at the educational center of their choice.

A Montessori school will provide a specially prepared classroom that contains toys and materials that will allow children to discover their own talents and learn concepts that will help them to better understand their world around them. There is less emphasis on playtime and imaginary concepts, and classroom activities are not led through lectures. Children are encouraged to play with specific items that teach them concepts about color, order and dimensions. Teachers will observe the childs interactions and present more challenging projects that they show interest in. There are no set goals or defined punishments of failing to complete a project correctly.

Practical life activities are used in Montessori schools to teach real-life activities and promote coordination. Children will learn how to polish or clean a surface, practice opening locks, scoop or pour food or liquids into another container or learn to work with buckles, zippers or buttons. Children learn their relationship to the world by learning about the location and place in history through lessons on geography and science. Language and mathematics skill lessons help to prepare children for secondary education.

Another benefit of choosing a Montessori school for a child is the methods emphasis on multi-age grouping. Children of different education levels and ages are grouped together and taught to learn from one another. Younger children begin to emulate the older childrens attitudes and behavior, and older children learn about caring and mentoring their counterparts.

Montessori schools inspire confidence, a quest for learning and discovery and social interaction skills in an environment where teachers are supportive, engaging and value individual personalities. Children essentially learn how to learn, and this prepares each child for future academic and social excellence.