Towelhead-arabian Beauty

I learned three things while watching Towelhead the other day:

1. Alan Ball is one fucked up dude. Between this, Six Feet Under, and American Beauty I scarcely can think of a creator with a more twisted outlook on suburban life in America.

2. Aaron Eckhart is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. He’s even good in crapfests like The Core and The Black Dahlia.

3. I saw more blood in this film than I’m likely to see in Max Payne. And that’s just sad.

Towelhead tells the story of Jasira, a half-Lebanese girl living in America with her strict father. Jasira’s mother is self absorbed and emotionally unstable. When her boyfriend touches Jasira inappropriately, she blames Jasira and ships her off to live with her father. Jasira’s father, Rifat, is a completely different kind of crazy. He’s strict in his rules when it comes to Jasira, but lax when they apply to himself. He openly slaps and hits Jasira for minor infractions. He defends her to others, then chastises her in private for the same thing.

Jasira is facing a severe identity crisis. Her mother practically disowns her, and her father claims to be looking out for her best interests as he berates her every action. Because of this, along with a sudden realization of how tough life can be in America for an Arab, causes her to latch onto any men who take any interest in her. She catches the eye of Army reservist, Travis Ruoso, who takes advantage of Jasira’s obvious desire to please the men in her life. Meanwhile, Jasira also starts dating an African-American boy from school, whom her father instantly forces her to stop seeing because “people will talk”. The influence of these awful people in her life leave Jasira woefully unprepared for the trials any adolescent girl is destined to face. She doesn’t know how to handle being called names at school. She doesn’t know how to handle the onset of her period, and her father is certainly no help in that area. He’s much more concerned about the cost of tampons than his daughter’s well being. And as stated before, she doesn’t know how to handle the attentions of the opposite sex. Jasira is a strikingly attractive girl who looks far older than her age.

I gotta admit I was struck by some of the reviews I’ve seen bashing this film mercilessly. The prevailing opinion is that it’s a film that feels phoney. A film that is more concerned with hammering home a message than telling a good story. I criticized Lakeview Terrace last week for the same thing. I didn’t get that impression here. The film has plenty to say about Americans and the way we perceive those that are different than us, particularly those of Middle Eastern descent. But I didn’t feel I was clobbered by someone trying to make a point. Travis Ruoso, who obviously has some bigotry in his heart, isn’t presented to us as a completely unsympathetic character. In fact, in some odd way I think he learns to appreciate other races when he falls in love(or is it lust?) with Jasira. There are some interesting developments between Ruoso and his son who is clearly following in daddy’s racist footsteps. Alan Ball mines some of the same material he presented in American Beauty with Ruoso’s pathetic, loveless marriage. Ruoso, much like Lester Burnham in Beauty, seeks what happiness he can find elsewhere regardless of the potential consequences.

Still, the best part of this film is the performance by Summer Bishil, who plays Jasira. She infuses Jasira with the uncertainty of your average teenage girl. She’s fierce when she can be, but terribly submissive at other times. Her looks of utter confusion caused by the actions of her father as he makes one ridiculous claim after another are priceless and ring true. She’s brilliant here, especially when paired up with Eckhart, who also does great work here in an utterly thankless role. Not so much the supporting cast, however. Toni Collette phones it in as a concerned neighbor who wedges herself into Ruoso and Jasira’s relationship. Peter MacDissi, who plays Rifat,isn’t bad but perhaps a tad too harsh for the material. I think the role is supposed to be funnier at times than he’s capable of bringing to the table. It always comes off as mean spirited, particularly the scene in the grocery store.

One last thing about the blood: There’s plenty of it. Particularly in the beginning. I’m not talking Jenny McCarthy in Dirty Love amounts of blood, but enough to quease the stomach. If copious amounts of menstrual blood ain’t your thang(and really, who’s thang is it?) then you might not be a fan of the first half of this film. My tummy did a couple back flips, I won’t lie. Still, if you’re into Alan Ball, then this is one film you don’t want to miss. You’ll be doing yourself a favor to see Summer Bishil’s performance as well. She’s one to keep your eye on.

Exploring the Candida Crusher Scam

I’m a woman who likes to explore alternative therapies. Some work, some don’t. Some are simply the victim of time. We live in a fast-paced world where everyone expects a quick solution. While I often try to stick to the most natural cures and remedies possible, even I will opt for a quick fix once in a while. A wife and mother simply has to function.

That said, over the years I’ve had dozens of conversations with other women about yeast. We all agree that the vaginal yeast infection is awful and some of us have found ways to minimize their occurrences. What most women don’t realize, however, is that the vaginal infection is just one type of yeast infection. It’s caused by the Candida albicans organism and can actually manifest in a wide variety of different ways, including toe or fingernail fungus, oral thrush, skin irritations, ringworm, and even jock itch. Some people develop systemic infections that mimic more concerning diseases ranging from depression to simple urinary tract infections. Some people even develop the dangerous leaky gut syndrome.

Are Candida Scams Common?

As we started to research more, we found that while yeast infections are relatively common, information regarding tried and true treatments is really hard to come by. There are several people who don’t even believe the Candida albicans organism, which exists naturally within your body the same way you’d find bacteria, is even real. I spent a while giggling at a blog post I found about a year ago in which a woman outright denies the existence of the organism. Perhaps she’s the single lucky woman on the planet who has never had a vaginal infection or bout with toenail fungus. I often find that the people who are screaming the loudest about Candida not being real are the ones who are trying to sell over the counter or chemical treatments for the symptoms we often associate with the chronic yeast condition.

And that’s the problem right there. These people are herding you away from the root cause so that they can convince you to spend money to cure not your root cause, by the underlying symptoms. That’s the type of vicious cycle that could never end.

Take, for example, some of these common (and not so common) signs that you might have a chronic yeast problem:

You show signs of food allergies; You are bloated or have frequent gas; You have indigestion, constipation, or diarrhea; You are tired, fatigued, depressed, or anxious; You feel foggy or have trouble concentrating; Your vision blurs or you feel like you’re seeing spots in your vision; You’re irritable, moody, nervous, or confused; You have a wide variety of gastrointestinal symptoms, including heartburn, hemorrhoids, peri-anal itching, mouth sores, or stomach problems; You have frequent kidney, bladder, or urinary tract infections; Your skin is itchy, dry, or red; You have a strong smelling odor from your skin, feet, or hair that deodorant doesn’t help; You have muscle aches and pains; or You bruise easily.

These are, sadly, just a handful of the symptoms you may experience that can be caused by a systemic Candida infection. The problem is that the moment you walk into a traditional doctor’s office and describe, for example, the distinct symptoms of a bladder infection, you’re likely to walk out the door with a script for antibiotics. Antibiotics will, unfortunately, give the yeast organism something to thrive off of, allowing more fungus to form in your body.

The Good News about Candida Crusher

My friends and I all purchased copies of the Candida Crusher book by Dr. Eric Bakker at the same time and you can get the book here if you’re interested in seeing it. We each had different symptoms but we all led similar lifestyles. Three of us tried the spit test and one reluctant friend decided to browbeat her doctor into doing the bloodwork to test for Candida. We all showed signs of infection.

The bad news? Following a strict Candida diet like the one outlined in the Candida Crusher book isn’t really easy. You’ll have cravings for foods you shouldn’t have and you’ll feel like your diet is really restricted. The good news is that the book lays everything out simply and makes it easy to follow. That, combined with the support of my friends, allowed me to follow the program for a good 4 months.

We all had our doubts when we started researching Candida. We even had our initial doubts about Candida Crusher. I, for one, am glad that’s the resource we chose to stick with. I’ve never felt better and my family is glad to have a more energized and enlightened wife and mother in the house. In this case, I can assure you, the quick-fix would have been the scam. Stay true to yourself and don’t try to rush the process. This plan works and if you follow it you’ll feel better before you know it!

Teaching on Teachers’ Day!

India has developed a society rather a faade where everything is hanky dory. Values, traditions, patriotism all are kept at the pedestal. Denial cannot be made that these values are respected and preserved but not to the extent as propagated by the self-appointed moral custodians of the society. The society where everything is in keeping the morality shies away from the topics in the name of values and tradition. Moreover, if attempt is made to spread the knowledge then the tag of immoral awaits you with open arms. Education is not only restricted to bookish knowledge but there are many other spheres in which people needs to be educated. These sphere are taboo and if spoken about then be ready to tread the territory of raised eyebrows and unwanted attention. But its 21st century and high time for Indians to open their mind and mouth towards the following topics.

Sex Education-Sex the most sacred word that makes many shy or just make them feel awkward. Sex is not bad but the way people react, it is portrayed in bad sense. Sex education is taken in different manner completely. It’s very crucial for young minds to know about their own body and changes it goes through for their own safety and hygiene. Let not sex education misinterpreted and impart it as important as formal education.

Molestation- A word, which can make any adolescent jitter when the meaning is understood. Here parents have to play a very crucial role and it is their foremost responsibility to educate their child about various touches. More Important is to let them know if wrong things happen then they could always confide in them. Especially young boys and girls become victims but if educated no one can dare to misbehave with them as they too have self esteem and dignity which needs to be maintained.

AIDS-AIDS is not a taboo but the humane behaviour towards patients is. Indians still ill-treat and segregate them as if they do not belong to the society. As the only notion harboured in mind for acquiring the disease is illicit physical relation which is so wrong and unethical. Therefore, it is time to treat them on humanitarian ground and if you cannot treat them equal then do not humiliate them either. Its time society gets educated on how not to treat them. Homosexuality- The most unwanted topic in the subcontinent. Neither sympathise with them nor hates them because they do not need either of it. It is time for society to get educated about simple fact that homosexuality is natural and not by choice. So they too have equal right to stay in the society without being victimised for no fault of their own. Therefore, society get educated and stop mocking them.

Virtual Voyage believes in holistic education; therefore, besides the bookish knowledge it is important for the society to get aware and educated about other fields as well. It may not fetch monetarily but surely, rewards can come on humanitarian grounds.

So on this Teachers’ Day teach every Indian to be truly open in their thoughts as it will make the society and country a better place to live.

Everybody Will Need To Learn About Spirulina Powder Benefits

There are rather a number of spirulina powder advantages. Spirulina is an anti-oxidant which can be identified in powder type and can advantage several places from the human biology program. Spirulina may also be utilized being an help to weight loss as part of the wholesome balanced diet plan. Spirulina is usually a blue algae, discovered in tropical shores within the south eastern portion of Asia.

In contrast to most other crops, it does not have roots, leaves, or stems. It does contain a colouring named chlorophyll that is required by all plants to flip sunlight into power.

Spirulina has higher amounts of vitamins and minerals and has lots of detoxifying properties. You will find 36 species of spirulina that are edible.

Throughout the 1970s, spirulina has become well-liked in lots of countries as being a well being food or dietary complement. Spirulina is naturally low in calories, consists of lots of vitamins and minerals in quite little volumes.

Spirulina contains two.five g to 3.5 g of protein for each 5 g of powder. Spirulina is surely an remarkable supply of various carotenoids. It really is an exceptional source of iron that is 3 mg to 8 mg per 5 g of spirulina. In addition to this, spirulina is wealthy in phycocyanin, the only blue pigment that serves as organic meals colouring and which is an crucial part of antioxidant activity. In addition, it is made up of chlorophyll and quite smaller amounts of some minerals. That’s why we typically speak of this algae being a “super food”.

To me, the spirulina rewards are very essential, I hope this is the very same for you personally, mainly because they apply to human beings, animals and also the Earth alike. Spirulina is a real tremendous meals as it really is a meals and also a medication.

Spirulina have already been shown to become powerful from a number of forms of cancer in experimental models. It is the phycocyanin in spirulina which has the anti-cancer effect. A current research shows the phycocyanin kills cancerous blood cells.

Spirulina gives the body with extra stamina, power, better nutrient absorption and it truly is completely safe for kids and pregnant females. A decent amount of study continues to be carried out around the benefits of spirulina powder, and it appears to assistance quite a few from the wellness rewards because the supporters of spirulina have claimed.

Spirulina powder continues to be authorized by each the FDA and WHO as being a wholesome foods. 1 of your Spirulina benefits is the fact that it features a glucose reducing effect. A current research in which persons with sort two diabetes, showed that spirulina decreased blood glucose.

Spirulina is incredibly preferred among athletes and bodybuilders. In conclusion, there are several intriguing positive aspects to be had inside the usage of spirulina. Spirulina could be extra to all sorts of fruit juices to make it a lot more nutritious. It can be tasty in soups, pasta or blended with yogurt. Spirulina as well as other spirulina items are utilised all about the world.

Yet another of your Spirulina advantages is the fact that it really is also an excellent anti-aging foods because it includes a concentrated nutrient worth; it is readily digested and complete to the brim with anti-oxidants. Beta Carotene is good for wholesome eyes and vision. After we opt for to eat much less meat, dietary supplements for instance spirulina are excellent sources of iron and other necessary minerals.

Want to Learn about spirulina health benefit and spirulina health benefit?

Want to Learn about spirulina health and spirulina health ?

Helpful Information About Opting for Your Son Or Daughter’s The school asics Boots and shoes

Turf footwear are explained to be superior to cleated ones. These are a ton like footwear worn by skilled runners in that they’re each comfy and give a bit of height.

The downside to turf shoes is that they cannot guarantee ample grip on surfaces that are not dry. Cleats have satisfactory nubs turf footwear do not, and this may make the latter best for floors that are really difficult.
It’s not a relatively easy thing to go buying for your child’s school shoes, especially when that youngster is aged ample to have an view of his or her private on the preference. Whereas your baby may well want a particular color or trend, it is beneficial to search for convenience and sturdiness foremost. A handful of effective methods can make it simpler to track down the suitable footwear for your child’s cheap asics shoes school actions.ns.

1. When you head to the shoe shop, before letting your kid get started hunting for shoes, have his or her foot professionally measured. Even if you program to invest in footwear from a bargain retail outlet, it is vital to go to a superior quality retail store to have the measurement carried out. It is ideal to spend money on footwear in the evening considering that ft have a tendency to swell for the duration of the day – even children’s feet. Sneakers that might possibly healthy perfectly early in the morning could become as well tight or even grow to be unpleasant by the time school is out.

2. Make a decision which types of footwear your child will desire. Trainers are a really good, all-purpose exercise and school shoe. Even so, if the college necessitates uniforms, you will need to take this into account and obtain the right model. Also believe about bodily training classes and its specifications for sneakers. Any immediately after college routines may want to also be used into account and you should really obtain acceptable shoes for every.

3. At all times look into your child’s convenience with a pair of footwear. Shiny dress footwear may possibly be relatively interesting, but they can not feel especially decent. When your baby is trying on footwear, remind him or her that they will be worn all day. If they pinch or damage at all, it will only get even worse, not greater.

four. Make certain that you know your child’s school policies. Lots of universities no lengthier let students to use open-toe sneakers considering of security situations. Other footwear that are frequently prohibited can contain shoes with black soles because they leave marks on floors, very hard soles as a result of they scratch wood flooring, or heels over a particular thickness for security motives. Prior to spending hard earned cash on a pair of school shoes, make positive that they are not breaking any guidelines with the college.

5. Keep weather in mind. It is a wonderful strategy to shop for a variety of weather conditions footwear, like as rain boots, insulated asics basketball shoes for winter, and shoes that will be neat for the duration of the summertime. The only scenario in which you shouldn’t actually buy these and always keep them on hand is if your child’s feet are however escalating swiftly.

Undergo DNA Paternity Test & Prove Your Fatherhood

Bones and muscles form a human body. It is known to all. But do you know which component constitutes a living being? You might have heard of the Deoxyribonucleic Acid or DNA. This is referred as the genetic blueprint which contains the basic biological details of a living being. A human body comprises of several cells, which are considered to be its basic unit. Within a cell, there are tight thread-like structures called chromosomes which contain DNA wounded around them. These particles are the best sources to find the paternity of an individual through DNA paternity testing. The results obtained through the DNA paternity testing is considered to be accurate to maximum level.

Chromosomes, in which the DNA are contained in the human body, are 46 in number. Half of which is inherited from the father and the other half from the mother. This provides a definite genetic pattern to the inheritance of the child, which to a great extent minimizes the chance of the DNA results to be inaccurate. With the help of DNA paternity testing, it has become quite simple to find out the truth behind the relationship of a man and his so-called child. Getting a result provides a significant peace of mind to the alleged father. In fact, not only for peace of mind, but the DNA paternity tests are used for legal purposes as well. l.

No doubt, DNA was present even earlier, but due to the lack of technical tools and devices, they could not be utilized for the purpose. However, with the continuous technological advancement, several tools have come into existence which act as the platform for performing scientific or medical tests correctly for obtaining accurate results. DNA paternity testing, with such inventions has been made easier by the scientists. Prior to such inventions, the people tried to examine and match the behavioral traits of the father with that of his known child. Even the color of eyelid of both of them was matched to see the similarities without any assurance of accuracy. But DNA paternity test confirms accuracy, which is approximate to 99%.

Buccal swabbing is one of the most common processes using which the DNA particles are collected for DNA paternity test. In this process, the swabs against the cheek are rubbed gently to obtain the particles for examination. Second option is the collection of about two teaspoon of blood from the test participants, in case any kind of extended testing is required. When it comes to doing a test to get the peace of mind, there are kits available for individuals to perform the test at home. While, if the test has to be done for legal purpose, it must be gone through under the supervision of a legal official. This is because many a times, the DNA paternity test results have been tampered to mislead the legal judgments. Thus, it becomes necessary to take precaution for getting accurate results.

If you want to clear your doubts or desire the judgment to be in your favor, undergo DNA paternity test for accurate and untampered results.

Eyevive- Miracle Eye Cream Causing A Stir In The Beauty World

If there’s one thing that women are most concerned about, it’s their face. And if they were to single out something on the face that irritates or bothers them, it’s the appearance of eye bags, dark circles, and puffiness. Although these problems are often temporary and not serious, they can make you look tired, fatigued, and older than you really are.

Many products claim to help. Finding one that actually works, however, is an entirely different matter. For consumers, this can be a hit and miss method, much like finding a needle in a haystack. If you find a product that works and doesn’t give you any problems, you’re lucky. If not, you’ve wasted precious time and money and are likely to be more frustrated and depressed.

If there’s one thing that women are most concerned about, it’s their face. And if they were to single out something on the face that irritates or bothers them, it’s the appearance of eye bags, dark circles, and puffiness. Although these problems are often temporary and not serious, they can make you look tired, fatigued, and older than you really are.

Many products claim to help. Finding one that actually works, however, is an entirely different matter. For consumers, this can be a hit and miss method, much like finding a needle in a haystack. If you find a product that works and doesn’t give you any problems, you’re lucky. If not, you’ve wasted precious time and money and are likely to be more frustrated and depressed.

With Eyevive, you’re on the right track since it has all the necessary ingredients to combat eye bags, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t take a genius or a degree in rocket science to figure this out. Just read the label and you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

One of Eyevive’s strengths is the inclusion of Hyloxyl and Eyeliss. These peptides are very much in demand among skin care professionals today because of their ability to rebuild damaged skin. Since 1975, around 40 peptides have been identified and Hyloxyl and Eyeliss happen to be at the top of the list since they have the ability to improve blood circulation and reinforce the skin around the eyes. Eyeliss in particular can eliminate dark circles in 4 8 weeks. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects are valued by dermatologists.

The effects of these powerful peptides are furthered strengthened by the inclusion of green tea extract. This contains health-promoting compounds called flavonoids or polyphenols that have strong antioxidant properties said to be a hundred times more powerful than vitamins C and E to combat the signs of aging. These compounds also exert an anti-inflammatory effect against fluid build up in the eyes, reducing puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles.

Adding to this already potent mix of ingredients is aloe vera that contains numerous vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that have anti-inflammatory effects. The aloe gel is a sappy liquid and a powerful healing ointment that helps moisturize and smoothen skin, eliminating dryness for a soft and supple feel. On top of that, aloe also relieves swelling to counteract puffiness after sleeping or from too much sodium in the diet.

Lastly, there’s vitamin B5 or panthenol, a moisturizing agent that can combat dryness and dehydration that often leads to wrinkles, eye bags and other skin imperfections in the area around the eyes. Panthenol can improve those areas because of its revitalizing effects.

All these and more make Eyevive a sight for sore eyes to those who are tired of dark circles, eye bags, puffiness, and other eye problems. With regular use, Eyevive will eliminate these problems and bring back the sparkle and shine in your eyes. Try it now and see the difference.

Top 6 Timeless Songs In Bars And Nightclubs Technohouse Music

If youre like me, chances are you go to bars and nightclubs based on how cheap their drinks are, or how good the music is. If a place has both, it becomes an immediate hotspot. Some club anthems die after a few months; other songs remain timeless. Timeless songs are the most amazing: they unite the entire crowd with a common love of the song and dancing to it.

One of my favourite genres in bars and nightclubs is techno/house musicEspecially if Ive had a few drinks and the world is starting to spin. Techno songs help you ease into a beat and make the time fly by. Everyone puts their hands up and gets into the rhythm of the song. Here are a some of those mainstream techno songs that will always put you in the mood to dance, regardless of where you are or how old you are.

Techno/House Music

1.Fedde Le Grand Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
This 2006 song will be an eternal party hit. It expects people to dance and put their hands up thats why it says so in the title. The song builds up nicely, and has a catchy beat that will stick with you long after the song has finished. Many times in clubs, Put Your Hands Up For Detroit can be playing for 5 minutes or longer and the crowd just doesnt get sick of it.

2.Darude Sandstorm
Words will never be able to describe this song. Even though it was made in 1999, it has truly withstood the test of the millennium and still features in at least one club every week. Its a song that every single person knows, and every single person loves a little bit (even if they dont admit it).

3.Guru Josh Project Infinity
This song is part Techno/House, and part pure sex. I dont know what it is about this song that makes me picture stripping women, but its the perfect excuse in a club for getting close to someone. With its catchy beat, its easy to use dance moves other than the jump up and down, and put your hands up, and will no doubt be a club hit that can withstand the test of time.

4.Sidney Samson Riverside
One of the most quotable songs ever. With the one line quoted from Tupac Shakur thats repeated throughout the entire song, Riverside is a perfect fusion of the old and new. Its no wonder that for the last year this song has been playing non-stop in clubs. Even if its playing in your car or on your iPod, Sidney Samson gives a beat that can never be forgotten.

5.Kid Cudi Day N Nite (Crookers Remix)
What started out as a hip-hop anthem quickly became a club hit with the Crookers Remix. This is the perfect song to dance the night away to.

6. Ian Carey Project Get Shaky
Enough said


7.Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling (David Guetta Remix)
To be honest, most remixes of this song are pretty great. This is possibly the epitome of a song that sums up the beginning of every single night out. It puts you in the most positive mood ever at any bar or nightclub, and is catchy enough that you can dance while getting ready for or enjoying your great night. If this song doesnt play in a night, I almost feel as though its missing something. Everyone knows this song, everyone can sing along to it, drink to it, and dance to it. Possibly the best song to come out of 2009, nightclub-wise.

If you feel like dancing now, I apologize. Stay tuned for the other genres!

Makeup Games, Beauty For All Seasons

Whos the fairest of all? Everyone wants to be beautiful and feels that they are beautiful; and it seems that to some, this is their ultimate happiness. But there times that we may not feel beautiful at certain occasion or during a particular season, which should never be the mindset. We can be as beautiful as we want, whenever and wherever we go. If you want how to feel beautiful for all the seasons, check out makeup games and you will realize that you are always the fairest.
Purple is the color for this year. Get stuck and be in fashion with purple daze makeup games. Makeup the colorful purple doll in the prettiest makeup and color her lips and eyes. Purple is said to be the color of passion, you make yourself full of passion to be fabulous and fashionable this year.

Summer is fast approaching too! Dont let yourself be left out and prepare not only for the beach but also how to make yourself prettier under the sun. Get this beach girl make up and ready for a fun day at the beach. Wear lip gloss and cool sunglass. Orange and peaches will be your greatest options for the makeup at makeup games!

Be proud of the tan that youve got from the summer vacation and hurry for the elegant evening party that you have to attend for the Spring! Wear on an elegant makeup at makeup games and match it with the best wardrobe that you can find. Dont forget to bring with you the quilted purse for your quick touch-ups during the party. It is important that you stay as beautiful all the time!

If you think that the makeup galore is over after all the parties and occasions, you are definitely wrong. You have to maintain your beauty everywhere you go. If you feel odd having makeup on a simple day, try light touch ups and a shimmer lip gloss and leave everything to your sweet smile. If you thought of some urban night life, be an urban city ghetto girl and put on some colorful make up in the ghetto girl makeup games.

For the winter, while you stay at home, apply some moisturizer to your face for a simple makeup. This way you get your skin supple and smooth against the winter that can make skin dry.

It is important that we know we are beautiful in whatever season. The season does not change the way we are but how we deal with the changes in time. Get the fun with makeup games and enjoy each time the season changes because it will means you will shine again for a new style. Have fun and be beautiful!

Steps To Solve All The Marriage Problems A Husband Will Ever Face

Marriage problems vary. But their causes tend to have similar patterns. And their solutions tend to have similar patterns. Understand the principles at work behind the problems and their solutions, and you will quickly find yourself a happy husband, in a happy marriage, with a happy wife eager to please you.

Let us get straight into them:

Step 1: Take Charge Of Your Relationship. What does that mean? It means that solving your marriage problems is in your hands. No one else. Not your wifes. Not a friends. Not a counselors. Her end of the relationship is merely a reaction to you. If you end up always reacting to her, then you will end up with a cycle of marriage problems that you can not seem to break out of.

So, instead of leaving your relationship to itself, or leaving it to your wife, take charge of it!

If your problems are about how she is treating you, recognize that she is merely reacting to how you are. If you are different, her response will be different.
Let me repeat that for you, because everything builds on that point If you are different, her response will be different.

So do not blame her. You may think she is being unfair. How could she be that way?! Well, because she is responding to how you are with her right now. So start acting as if your relationship is 100% in your hands.

Step 2: Appreciate That Marriage Problems Are Typically Emotional. Now that you are ready to take charge of your relationship and take responsibility for it, you need to recognize why you have marriage problems.

Up to this point, you have failed to spark the right emotions in her. That is the only reason you have lost her.

Your problems are due to emotional reasons and not logical or moral reasons. They may be clothed in logical or moral reasons, but those aren’t the real reasons. Those are merely her rationalizing her emotions. Understand that.

If you spark in her the right emotions, you will find her rationalizing illogical and even immoral behavior. To justify, follow her emotions. Simple.

Warning: Once you understand how to spark her emotions, you will find you have a lot of influence over her. So use it with care! As they say, with great power, comes great responsibility.

When sparking her emotions, you need to be a man about it, and take care of your woman. Use your influence over her with care, and she will love you and thank you forever. What does that mean on a practical level? It means a few things. Just as your marriage problems are because you pressed the wrong emotional buttons, the solution is to press the right emotional buttons. It’s that simple. That is the good news.

It also means that you need to stop trying to convince her with rational and moral arguments. Convince her with emotional arguments.

What do I mean by convince her with emotional arguments? I mean influence her by affecting her emotions, by inspiring in her emotions of attraction, rather than emotions of repulsion. Because that is all that has happened: she has responded with repulsion to how you are, but she can just as easily respond to how you are with attraction. This brings me to the next step.

Step 3: Press The Right Emotional Buttons To Create Attraction. It is simple if you make your wife more attracted to you, you will find that most of your marriage problems will take care of themselves.

Some Common Marriage Problems: My wife does not listen to me. My marriage feels flat. My wife does not respect me. My wife is not interested in sex. And so on.

The Real Problem is You are missing one or more of the foundations of attraction.If you make her attracted to you, you will find her far more attentive, exciting, playful, radiant, respectful, cheerful (giggly, in fact), seductive, and eager to please you.

So make sure you maintain the foundations of attraction at all times.If you are yet to learn the foundations of magnetic attraction, then keep reading the articles on this site.